Full Service e-Commerce

At Wiethe, full service is truly all-encompassing. We can handle your eShop on a national and/or international level starting with the product photograph, through order processing and ending with the market analysis. We can completely redesign or re-launch your homepage. We can develop and implement online marketing strategies for you.

Our work is tailor-made to meet your requirements and utilizes the most modern technical developments; it is creative and extends beyond standard software.


We design websites to suit your demands and corporate philosophy - whether for the automotive industry www.walkenhorst-gruppe.de or for the corporate site of a fashion client www.tom-tailor.com.

The Internet has its own rules which differ from those on paper. To find your way around, you need a transparent, unmistakable organization, interesting details and clearly structured information hierarchies. Technology provides considerably more possibilities than just a catalog.

Form follows function. Even the most convincing web layout is useless if your clients can't cope with the site's usability issues. Something which is quite unproblematic locally can cause complications internationally. Rely on our multimedia agency's experience.


Make your company a well-known name on the internet. Much is now known about the success of classical forms of advertising. Much is believed to be known about the success of online advertising.

It is true that there are a number of parallels between the offline and online behavior of consumers, but there are also major differences. Together we can find the most effective way to achieve your goals in an economical fashion.

E-branding is an important subject both for well known as well as unknown brands. However the same rules apply as with classical marketing - the more well-known the better!

Let us join up to fully leverage the power of blogs, forums, chats, banners, affiliate marketing, key words, mobile marketing, e-mail marketing and cooperation management.

CMS developments

Would you prefer to manage, organise and continually update your web presence yourself? Without intense training or specialisation? Then you need the right content management system, CMS for short. When it comes to CMS, we rely on Drupal. After many years of using this system, we can vouch for its high degree of flexibility, good expandability and simple operation - which is vital for you.

When creating a website on the basis of Drupal, we are able to illustrate even complex business processes and prepare content from existing databases or interfaces from your current system using individual customised modules. This way, optimum use is made of your resources. It is then easy to add new functions at a later date, depending on your current requirements. Thanks to our CMS customised to your needs, you will always be able to present the latest information about yourself on the web - speedily, easily and efficiently.

Backoffice solutions

Your eShop's data management is done in the BackOffice. BackOffice software was developed in-house here at Wiethe. It enables you to perform accounting, order processing or data collection tasks. Custom solutions like these give you more time for your core business!

Your company's backbone should also be adapted to your requirements. We programme customized BackOffice systems which extend beyond standard software.
We are familiar with all of the commonly used systems and will set up the best possible program for you - whether for accounting or for EDP. Furthermore, we offer something unique:

The BackOffice programmes we develop allow for transparency during order processing and enable an immediate update of statistical evaluations. So, you always have the latest information on hand for your sales processes.

Business Music

You need to use pictures and sound if you want your mind to be boggled and to not believe your eyes. That's why we have a stake in a music production company that is specialized in producing CD's for business applications and scoring films.


Landing on your page on the first Google - that's the way it should be. To ensure that is also the case, we place a special focus on reliable search engine optimization. We keep up-to-date through a regular exchange with net experts such as Sumo, eprofessional, advertising.com or T-Online.

Cooperation management
A large company is made up of many smaller interest groups who also include suppliers and customers. The Internet can be a very useful tool for smooth cooperation and communication. E-mails provide direct, uncomplicated communication, and Intranets ensure an interchange and a flow of information within your company.

Do you have something special to tell you customers? Then you should really consider an AdWord campaign. This is one way of making sure of getting page publicity on Google. We know how and where the use of Ad(vertisement)Words is worthwhile and offer competent AdWord support. What pages could be of interest to potential customers? We monitor the market carefully and help you improve the efficiency of AdWords.

Banner advertising
Your advertisement on frequently visited pages is a decision tool that customers don't always appreciate. That's why it's so important to be at the right place at the right time! We know exactly which pages are compatible with your line of business, and where your advertising message is desired!

Affiliate marketing
Do you make advertising space available and receive a commission based on product sales, or do you receive advertising space against a performance-related commission? We negotiate and establish your advertising space accordingly.

Mobile Marketing
Advertising directly onto mobile phones: here, we have a lot of ideas. For example, by using games, music or information - the customer will be able to draw direct benefits from your company. This will become profitable in the future, and especially once purchases can be made via cell phones.

E-mail marketing
Everybody hates spam mail. We do not want to contribute to the flood of advertising messages. Targeted information sent with the express permission of the recipient is, however, a completely different matter altogether. Innovations and special promotions can be offered quickly and with little effort. Direct feedback is possible and in return customers can place orders.

Multichannel solutions

Technologies such as tablet PCs, smart phones, laptops and terminals make shops mobile, bringing the product to the customer. e-commerce is just one component of today’s marketing strategy. Which is why our day-to-day business involves optimising and connecting all of the sales channels, enabling goods to be sold quickly and effectively.

We are one of the few agencies in Europe that have a market-oriented, 360 degree manner of thinking and acting. Whether via iPads, customer terminals or barcode scanners, our solutions enable you to increase your sales prospects and to minimise “short selling” due to problems such as missing sizes.


Although they’re not always practical, apps are sometimes useful, informative and image-promoting. Above all, they’ve been downloaded more than 10 billion times. Although, from a sales perspective, we don’t always recommend developing an app, they’re sometimes the right solution for establishing the ideal method of communication. Developed and designed by Wiethe, the implementation and installation is carried out by our market-leading partners in this field.

Mobile Commerce

Today, sales no longer take place in the nation’s No. 1 locations - large pedestrian areas. Nowadays, consumer goods and commodities are sold at the airport, on the train, in the hotel, in the car, at bus stops, at work, on the couch, in the garden, and so on and so forth. Payments are made easily via the phone bill, and the goods are sent to your home.

The internet and technology such as tablet PCs make all this possible. Measured in per cent, this market is growing at a double-figure rate. And when it comes to mobile sales solutions, we are one of the market leaders.

Digital Lead-Management

Just a few years ago, TV, print and direct marketing made up 80% of expenditure on advertising; online represented only 20%. Today, the exact opposite is the case. This also applies for branding by agencies. Whilst just a while ago traditional agencies were the lead agencies for the big brand names and digital agencies were the subcontractors for online tasks, the relationship is now changing, and the digital agencies lead the brand while traditional agencies create TV spots to fit the online campaign.

We, too, assume full responsibility for brand communication for some of our clients. With the advantage that we have our own traditional agency under the Wiethe Group umbrella.

Digital in-store selling

iBeacon is the name of the technology that now enables classic traders to benefit from the same possibilities as e-commerce: Individual customer approach, individual sales information, discount campaigns at the point of sale and enhanced assessment of customer behaviour.

For a speedy commercial launch of this technology, Wiethe Interaktiv is currently developing app concepts on the basis of the iBeacon technology.

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