Twelve years, one passion: shooting the ultimate photo. In the end, every photo that we shoot is a top money maker and ambassador of the brand which millions of end consumers get to see. Over the past twelve years, we have shot some 15 million photos. A number that is not just impressive but also representative of the time and effort that goes into every single photo. From handling the product to its styling, the photography and the image editing process, a plethora of steps is needed in order to shoot so many photos.

To see exactly how many are involved, take a look at the film.

Here's to the
next 15 million!

Founded in 2005, we have photographed and filmed numerous renowned fashion and consumer brand items for e-commerce, campaigns, online and on-site marketing. During these twelve years, we have thus become Germany's largest photo studio and grown into one of the largest anywhere in Europe. In the process, we have not just grown in size but also perfected process stability, image quality and speed. To all of our customers, past and present, we say a big THANK YOU. Thank you for your trust and the opportunity to grow with you during this challenge.


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