The ABOUT YOU brand stands for inspiration and individuality. As one of the most successful e-commerce start-ups in Germany, the platform would like to give its customers style models through which the customer can give new fashion ideas. An individual shopping experience that runs through the shop like a recurrent theme is created. For us this is incentive enough to also convey this aspiration in the online shop's model photography: clean, fashionable and contemporary.


Model photography
Web shop


For ABOUT YOU we photograph the modern styles of the menswear collection and perfectly set the fashion in the scene. In doing so, the focus is on individuality as well as the clothing itself, and therefore both factors characterise the multifaceted brand style. Expressive images with character emerge.

Pictorial language

Powerful posing and versatile models characterise the look of ABOUT YOU images and give the shots a contemporary attitude which sets them apart from others. Not only the design attribute, but also the individual “it-pieces” are ideally shown to advantage and the individual character of the shop is emphasised so that is appears distinctive.

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