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Abrams Industries

„Abrams around the world“

We have been supporting the art calendar project of our customer Abrams since the beginning of 2006. The current eighth calendar emphasizes the internationality of the steel processor - for example, we staged motifs from Europe and the world with models from Milan, Amsterdam and Berlin during the shoot in Hamburg.


Abrams Industries


Model and product photography

Perfectly implemented

When watching the making-of, you can experience how calendar pictures with atmospheric density are created with a renowned beauty photographer, international models, masses of flat and round steel, optimally coordinated setting, excellent equipment and a good-humored, experienced team.

Perfectly matching the customer image

Abrams stands for premium steel, but also for art and perfection. The concept of the multi-year calendar lies in the contrast between technically precise steel products and human beauty and warmth. It is handed out to customers and business partners of the company in a limited edition.

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