New visual and film language

One of the world's most important and most successful fashion brands: adidas. Always with its finger on the pulse of time and always on the lookout for the latest trends. With this in mind, we have worked together with adidas to revamp the visual language for its products. The result: self-assured shots that perfectly convey the brand's image without ignoring the brand's heritage.


Visual and film language

The concept

Convey a premium feel – this is the aim of the revamped visual language. The photos stand out for meeting their claim to topicality, continuity and uniformity. This means: A uniform brand image is presented through uniform photography rules. Natural lighting resembling sunlight casts a level of detail on the products that is especially vital in online shopping. This approach makes it even easier for the consumer to take a very close look at the product's features.

Visual language

All product shots – of male and female models as well as images of laydowns and busts – are part of the new photography. The images are given a modern look through changes in lighting; style consciousness through the self-assured poses of the strong-charactered models. This stylistic consistency creates a uniform look which, in turn, makes for a uniform brand image.

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