Model and product photography

The roots of the British brand Bench lie in Manchester. The brand was created there in 1989, and from the outset it fostered close contact with the music scene that constitutes a large portion of the brand DNA to this day. The brand explores the relationship of style-forming sources of inspiration such as society, fashion and music. We convey this aspiration within the model and product photography which ensures the necessary sales in the online shop.


Model photography
Web shop


Regardless of whether it is womenswear or menswear – we skilfully stage the cool styles for Bench. And always so that the contemporary character of the fashion is emphasised. A characteristic factor for the photos is the modern design, which is clearly shown in the model photography as well as in the casual images. As a result, we create smart styles which leave no fashion wish unsatisfied.

Pictorial language

Our aspiration with the images is to put the product in perspective. And that happens naturally through stylish presentation, but also by means of professional styling as well as the modern model characters. These characters give the anonymous fashion personality and also a fashionable attitude, by which the images obtain their very individual style. The different perspectives also enable consumers to have a comprehensive view of the product, whereby their purchase decision is positively influenced.

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