Blue Seven

Kids photography

A campaign and a lookbook always herald a new season, and that, in turn, means: new impulses. At Blue Seven, this was the case for the entire 2014, 2015 and 2016 kids fashion seasons – these are projects that illustrate our know-how: in all of these, we implemented the Blue Seven feeling, i.e. a carefree attitude combined with freedom – from the concept to the visuals and the design. Can you feel it?

Blue Seven

Model photography

Visual language

Warm light and authentic colours characterise the visual language behind the photos. They come across as snapshots and exude nonchalance and joie de vivre – just like the mini models. The interplay between the location, photography and staging present the brand as tangible and emotional. We understood how to convey the highlights of the new collection in their true light whilst also communicating the brand’s DNA.

Teens & kids

Working with kids is always lots of fun, because we can portray them exactly as they are: carefree and a bundle of joy. With kids, there’s no need for any grandiose staging; we let them act naturally, because that’s exactly when perfect, authentic images come about. The photos taken for the teen collection show these ‘half-pints’ as they are: natural and genuine. Added to these are photos showing the kids in an especially playful mood, sweet and completely outgoing.

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