Model- and product photography

Thanks to its great popularity, including outside the realms of its e-commerce start-up About You, successful private label brand Edited has grown into an independent brand with its own e-shop. This progression has been responsible for traders in Germany rethinking current online business strategies. Which makes us all-the-prouder to be able to carry out the model and product photoshoots on behalf of Edited. And the focus is not just on the fashion itself but also the quality of these photos.


Model- and product photography Webshop

Model photography

Modern and minimalist are the outstanding features of the model pictures used for Edited's men's collection. Fashion takes centre stage, aided by powerful styling and low-key poses. A visual calling card that stands out for its contemporary style and stylish reservedness. Quite simply because sometimes less is more.

Product photography

Absolutely essential for online businesses and also second nature to us: product shots that, through staging on busts, focuses attention on the fashion which is thus vital for sales. By way of proving that images of products staged on busts are anything but boring, we combine the ideal lighting with precision styling and high-quality photography.

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