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Fashion ID

Small models – big presence

Product photos with children have a unique charm – and are a real challenge. We meet these challenges with our many years of experience, our empathy and dedication. We know that the fun factor is crucial for kids. The result: images and films rich in expression and natural vitality. #A real benefit for the brand image.

Fashion ID

Small models – big presence

What’s reaaally important: good spirits

Kids want to have fun!
To make the kids feel at ease, we take a playful approach to our shoots and create the ideal atmosphere. This includes cool props, room for activities and, of course, catering with yummy food that looks fantastic.

Expertise in working with kids

From booking to styling to posing for the camera, special aspects need to be taken into account when dealing with children – and they need to be addressed in a special way. Thanks to our experienced teams, we create that playful lightness that makes a success out of working with kids.

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