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Urban denim manufacturer and forward-thinking company: G-Star knows what it takes to capture the spirit of the time and to translate it vestimentally into cool, sophisticated fashion – G-Star RAW co-owner, Pharrell Williams, sees it as "the jeans brand of the 21st century". We portray this declared aim of the company's fashion in the fashion photographs for the fashion label: with strong characters, cool poses and a distinctive style.

G-Star Raw

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Visual language

On point - just like the fashion, the imagery exudes a lot of coolness. Each garment becomes an eye-catcher - through clean studio photography, nonchalant poses and, not least of all, through strong-charactered models. They reflect the brand's urban lifestyle and boost this through the fashion - streetwear for urban people.


On Point – genauso wie die Mode zeigt sich die Bildwelt mit hohem Coolness-Faktor. Jedes Kleidungsstück wird zum Eye-Catcher – durch die cleane Studio-Fotografie, die lässigen Posen und nicht zuletzt durch die charakterstarken Models. Sie spiegeln den urban Lifestyle der Marke wider und verstärken ihn bei der Mode – streetwear for unique people.


Pictures with an attitude: Thanks to the company's modern philosophy, the images convey an extraordinary look that is striking and sticks in the mind. The clear staging perfectly accentuates the fashion.


We add text to each product - as exciting, cool and modern as the product itself. In just a few lines, consumers can learn everything they need to know. Always informative, never ordinary.

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