HelpAge e.V.

Invitation and website

For many years we have been supporting the HelpAge organization. This also includes a charity dinner organized by Osnabrück entrepreneurs and HelpAge ambassadors Karsten Wulf and Gunnar Sander. In 2020 it could not take place in the usual form due to the corona pandemic, but a creative solution was found for 2021: an online dinner.
For this purpose, we designed invitations and a website in advance.

HelpAge e.V.

Invitation & website

Dining online for a good cause

Our goal was to get as many donations as possible for HelpAge. To do this, we wanted to spread the idea of ​​the online dinner widely and virally. The website is intended to provide more in-depth information that clearly shows the course of the charity campaign and reports on the background of HelpAge and its programs. It also serves as a landing page for social media campaigns.


We supported this charity campaign with a website designed and implemented by us, which spreads the idea, provides further information and offers to register. The website presents the charity event clearly and transparently and makes participation so easy. A large number of registrations and donations could be achieved through the site.

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