A label that perfectly captures the spirit of the times: hessnatur, a fashion company that has already been producing “fair fashion” since 1976 – long before the current trend towards sustainability and transparency in fashion. As an important element in the “fashion slow movement”, hessnatur is particularly concerned with fairness –towards the fashion itself as well as the people behind it. We implement this aspiration within the images of models for the e-shop.


Online shop


For hessnatur we photographed all of the e-commerce images of the online shop so that a uniform, representative look emerges and the recognition value of the brand is enhanced. We perfectly highlight menswear as well as womenswear.

Pictorial language

The photography appears fashionably adept and optically convincing – and at the same time emphasises the high-quality requirement and the special quality of fashion. The pictorial language is characterised by a clean design, which is emphasised by the discreet posing of models. The effective details provide dynamic notes.

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