Focusing on fashion, lifestyle and interior design, IMPRESSIONEN is the expert when it comes to current trends. We reproduce this expertise in the obsessively detailed IMPRESSIONEN magazine. From their conception to their realisation, we perfectly implemented the summer 2014 and 2015 issues as well as the 2014 winter issue with the contribution of photographers, the layout and the texts. The highlight: the scenic marketing videos.


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The concept

In terms of its concept, the magazine stands out for its aesthetic and fashionable standards, whereby the magazine is designed to do more than just sell products; it can also be used as a source of inspiration for fashion and interior design. This is accomplished, on the one hand, through the large-scale product and image photos and, on the other, through informative interviews and explanatory trend texts that provide additional input.

Visual language

In both the fashion editorials and the home story, we have spotlighted the products by staging them on location: atmospheric images with seasonal flair combine to create a modern look.

Subtle luxury, coupled with modern elegance – this is how we present our visual work for IMPRESSIONEN: warm light, natural poses, combined with fashion models – these elements profoundly emotionalise the products and illustrate their quality.

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