King Kerosin


King Kerosin stand for authentic streetwear with individual charm and a rocking touch. The label with its roots in the rockabilly and hot rod scene also offers high-quality biker fashion. This special style is reflected within the brand website created by us: 50s flair interpreted in a modern way. Playful features perfectly complement the website.

King Kerosin

Corporate website

The concept

We designed and implemented a platform for King Kerosin which represents the brand’s rough character and is perfectly complemented by fashion photos. Due to the characteristic design, it has an obvious rock ‘n’ roll touch which King Kerosin customers can perfectly identify with.

Das Konzept

Wir haben für King Kerosin eine Plattform gestaltet und umgesetzt, die den roughen Charakter der Marke repräsentiert und durch Fashion-Fotos perfekt ergänzt wird. Sie verfügt durch die charakteristische Gestaltung über eine offensichtliche Rock 'n' Roll-Note, mit der sich die King-Kerosin-Kunden perfekt identifizieren können.


The website provides playful features such as a small test laboratory where King Kerosin jeans can be processed virtually: a Zippo lighter chars the denim fibres, and a stone roughens them without totally damaging them. These tools convey the brand’s high design and quality standards. Playful features for smart ideas.

Pictorial language

In terms of image photos – and in accordance with the history of the brand – we oriented ourselves to the style of the rockabilly and biker scene, but implemented them with a modern twist. The styling is 50s par excellence and the pictorial language is modern.

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