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Website, studio photography, film editing

Excellence in every detail: Porsche fans can have a limited edition Mletzko Heartbeat Porsche created within 6 months – in a new design, with new technology and a new interior, and with TÜV approval. Each new project encompasses 700 rebuilt parts, 33,000 hours of development, and a great deal of passion.


studio photography,
film editing


We developed the website for the Mletzko Porsche, featuring a clear page structure and a minimal use of colour. Each of the website’s image elements is presented generously, full screen, and content is emotionalised using different web fonts. The overlay menu with integrated Mletzko logo guides users to the page of their choice, without distraction. Here, the emphasis is on the sports car, and its creation.

Studio photography

We shot the Mletzko Porsche in Hamburg with a professional automotive photographer. The car was brought to the studio especially. The shoot focused on the front, rear and engine of the car, as well as details such as headlights, exterior mirrors, tyres, the steering wheel, seats and the logo.

Film editing

The film for the Mletzko Heartbeat starts with rapidly changing frames of details to the sound of a beating heart. The creation of the car is accompanied by music, with the facts blended in. All eyes should be focused on the car, with special emphasis being placed on its exclusive character.

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