Tom Tailor by Naomi Campbell

Model photography

Fashion inspiration – this is what Tom Tailor stands for. Creative know-how combined with trendy fashion. This is something that we have continued in the latest product shots for the collection with top model Naomi Campbell when staging the stylish key pieces. The approach allows the high-quality fashion to come into its own while the Tom Tailor DNA is still clearly recognisable, thus creating a uniform look throughout the webshop.

Tom Tailor

Model photography

The concept

A perfectly staged collection in keeping with the visual language of Tom Tailor – that was the brief for these images. We succeeded in doing this thanks to an expressive model as well as typical Tom Tailor poses. The images evoke emotions and go beyond the mere depiction of fashion: they are a symbolisation of the idea behind the collection and represent feminine strength, self-assuredness and fashion expertise.

Visual language

Through the authenticity that takes centre stage, the photos convey a sense of approachability and open up the possibility of people being able to identify with the model. This is the ideal mix for selling fashion through e-commerce. Aiding this, the shots are taken from a variety of perspectives so that the product really can be seen from every side and angle. The looks themselves also serve as outfit inspirations.

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