Tom Tailor

New visual language

Down to earth but at the forefront of fashion: Tom Tailor knows how to magnetise with its looks – and this fashion expertise is also reflected in the new visual language, which we had the pleasure of developing and implementing together with the brand. The new product images stand out for their modern, bright appearance which exudes the spirit of Tom Tailor, namely fun with fashion.

Tom Tailor


The concept

The brand's quality standards, fashion consciousness and also its functionality are underlined by the new product images. Male and female models alike exude personality, which appeals to the end consumer, whereby the brand becomes tangible and approachable. It also conveys a joie de vivre, jauntiness and lightness. An effective contrast to modern, clean lighting that makes an impression.

Visual language

Atmosphere and authenticity are conveyed through the new shots. In particular, the close-ups of the strong-charactered models emit a great deal of personality and help to convey its identity. Modern poses additionally foster the contemporary look. To cut a long story short: Check it out now.

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