Tom Tailor

Online shop & package inserts

Tom Tailor stands for fashion inspiration. Creative know-how combines with trendy fashion. We combined this aspect within the Tom Tailor web shop and created a technically up-to-date and intuitively navigable website which leaves room for inspirations. From concept via design right up to implementation, we visualise the Tom Tailor DNA: youthful spirit, creative input & fashion trending. And another result of our work: the personalised package inserts which provide a modern layout as well as individual outfit suggestions for end customers.

Tom Tailor

Online shop and package inserts

Responsive design

In accordance with contemporary requirements in terms of digital usage behaviour, the website has a responsive design. As a result, the website can be accessed from any medium, regardless of whether it is a smartphone, tablet or PC. Tom Tailor for everyone!

Single sourcing

From the product images and texts via the concept and implementation of the website, everything comes from one source – namely from us!


Concise bullet points bring to the point what is important for end consumers: simplicity for a high level of information – to make long stories short!


A clearly arranged user interface simplifies orientation. Intuitively applicable handling is part of the fundamentals of digital expertise nowadays.

Personalised package inserts

Individualisation par excellence: the package inserts we designed are perfectly tailored and visually adapted to the respective purchasing behaviour of specific end consumers. This not only improves service quality, but promotes customer brand loyalty.

Pictorial language

The intended youthfulness is perfectly shown to advantage with the photos, regardless of whether it is product or campaign images. Bold colours convey the joy of fashion, while expressive model characters convey the aspiration of the brand: versatility and individuality.

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