Tom Tailor


Tom Tailor stands for fashion inspiration. This is the guiding theme for our model photography. With the aid of expressive models and a clean pictorial language we visualise the brand DNA and perfectly set the fashion in the scene. Tom Tailor stands for contemporary fashion which also ensures a stylish appearance in everyday life. Always the suitable “it-piece” for diverse occasions which at the same time emphasises the personality of the wearer!

Tom Tailor

Model and product,
Web shop

Pictorial language

Values such as naturalness, authenticity and approachability are characteristic of Tom Tailor images. Fashion comes into focus through bright, friendly light, while the clean background underscores this. This results in an approachable and authentic image of products.

Model photography

All of the web shop’s product images come from our photography studio. Regardless of whether it is womenswear, menswear or children’s clothing, whether images of models or bust images – we know how to perfectly set the fashion in the scene. In doing so, the typical Tom Tailor look becomes distinct due to the models with “girl next door” character, the minimalistic backdrop, the posing and not least through the fashion itself.

Product photography

The fashion is also perfectly shown to advantage without a model. This comes about by means of ideal illumination as well as a fashionable, contemporary styling of laydowns and stills. So smart looks emerge, which skilfully convey the source of inspiration for the fashion.

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