And our growth continues

We were already able to put our new Studio 2 with 2,000 square meters of production and administration space into operation - one month earlier than planned. We are pleased that this studio is also already fully booked for the long term, and are responding to this with a further expansion: Studio 3.

Studio Bild

Under construction: Studio 3

In April, work began on Studio 3, which is scheduled to open in September 2022. With these new spaces, we will be able to use an additional 3,500 square meters for spectacular product photography.

Studio Bild

More capacity for 500,000 items annually

Once the expansion is complete, our total space will be 10,000 sqm. This means that our capacity will increase to 500,000 articles per year. This means that Wiethe Content operates Europe's largest photo studio for online content.

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