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ZOOGOS Website

On Location Shooting

Zoogos is a fundraising campaign supporting the Zoo Osnabrück during times of Corona. Initiated by Dirk Lühremann and Markus Wiethe, together with the artist René Turrek, the three of them aimed to support the Zoo and create something lasting, the visitors can benefit from now on.

A larger than life gorilla figure of synthetic material was spray and refined by the artist René Turrek and is considered as photo attraction for future visitors of the Zoo - encouraging people to continously donate. In order to publish the campaign a new website was developed.




We filmed the work of René on the Gorilla and developed a website with a clear structure, reduced colors and with focus on the essentials - in line with the message of the campaign. The included film and pictures are presented fullscreen on the website, underlining the massive gorilla and adresses an emotional appeal. The technical development, as well as the hosting and future care in all in our hands.

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