Print pushes online

with the right application, print can boost your online sales.

Print pushes online

with the right application, print can boost your online sales.

Magalogs and magazines
stir emotions!

In a world inundated with newsletter and online marketing where the haptic experience is few and far between, printed matter such as magalogs and magazines are proving to be a high draw among customers. The only problem though is that it has been difficult to convert the demand that printed matter raises into actual orders. We have now bridged that gap and are offering a magazine with an app to make the products shown quickly and

easily available, with no need for any additional codes, such as a QR code. The pages in the magazine are scanned using image recognition and the added value can immediately be used by the consumer: whether through direct sales in the e-shop, a video explaining the benefits; advantages of the product or even visualising the different versions of a product – there are no limits to the levels of creativity.

Function 01

Purchase direct
with just 3 clicks

Did anything stand out when you browsed through the magazine? To make a direct purchase, simply hold your smartphone over the page and, before you know it, you'll find yourself on the shop's product details page. Choose the size and version, where applicable, and your purchase is complete.

Function 02

One product – multiple variations

A product is available in different versions, but only one is highlighted in the magazine? Not a problem - with the image recognition app, simply scan the page and the other versions in the catalogue will appear through augmented reality.

Function 03

Show your added value

Added value and complementary content can also be incorporated with the help of the image recognition app. Should specific materials be explained in more detail, for example? Scan the page and, before you know it, a video will start running on the smartphone.

Function 04

Show more Details

A magazine can never cover every facet of every product and from all angles. It's especially unfortunate when a favourite article can't be presented in all its glory. With the help of the app, customers can view their favourite product from every available angle or in full detail.

Function 05

Complete your Style

Being able to acquire matching accessories at the very same time a new outfit is purchased is clearly an inducement. But what matches? By scanning the outfit, users are able to see the matching accessories.

Function 06

For Members only

Through this feature, you can show exclusive club members all the benefits in terms of price, delivery, add-ons, etc. that the ordinary magazine reader does not get to see.

Function 07

Let’s move

In a good product photo, the article always fits perfectly, but what happens when people move in the garment - how does it sit? To give consumers peace of mind, moving images are increasingly becoming a popular trend in e-commerce.

The app allows users to load and play these videos and see for themselves even faster how good the product they have just viewed is.

Function 08

Create your look

Madame' typically purchases more than one item at a time. Because that new blouse simply won't be complete without that matching skirt. Flicking through the magalog, it's easy to forget a garment shown early on. What's more, 'Madame' would also like to see how the combination looks.

The scan app makes light work of this. Simply save the article and combine it later on.

Function 09


Some 40 percent of all consumers prefer to buy online these days, but that still leaves 60 percent who still enjoy or prefer shopping in-store.

With this in mind, we have made it possible for customers to find out if the favourite item that they have just discovered is available in their store – and, in the ideal case, if they can also have it set aside for them.

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