The Wiethe CGI

As a subsidiary of Wiethe Content, Wiethe CGI is the next logical development after 15 years of expertise in the creation and production of content for the fashion and lifestyle industry.


For real?

Together with the Fraunhofer IIS, Wiethe CGI is developing 3D scanning technology that combines computer tomography with cutting-edge photogrammetry. The efficient combination of these technologies, together with our post-production team’s abilities in working with HDRI lighting scenes, result in photorealistic renderings and animations. The material-separation feature makes it possible to create an exact reconstruction of individual components, which is crucial for realistic product customizers.

Your perfect fit

Our new technology captures the shoes with CT scanning. By combining the expertise in texture and scanning of Europe’s largest photo studio with the Fraunhofer Institute (IIS), we are able to combine a TRUE photo experience and 3D conversion to produce “100% Real” results for both product representations and fit accuracy.

As if by magic

WIETHE CGI creates garments from CAD data. This digital end-to-end solution enables continuous 3D narratives from concept to visualisation. Ghost mannequins and product configurators are a selection of applications for this technology.