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menos by behr – a new look for the classic

A matter of style
For over a century, behr's furniture design has set standards in terms of quality and aesthetics. Following this claim, we developed a modern, contemporary microsite around menos, behr's well-known chests of drawers, as well as a brochure including CI, photo, video trailer.

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October 2021

Welcome Ricano!

We warmly welcome our new customer Ricano and look forward to working with them.

October 2021

Servus Munich!

We developed the complete corporate design for the newly founded real estate specialist Kleinschmidt Immobilien from Munich. This includes all print and digital communication from business cards and exposé to the newly designed and programmed website.

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October 2021

We love details!

Let's show them!

Wie begeistern Sie Ihre Kunden? – With amazing emotional product presentation that shows your items in the best light. We know that when it comes to making a purchase decision, it's all about the finer details. That's why we focus on the big picture in photos and videos, as well as on the relevant features and unusual details. The customer experiences fabrics, reflections, texture - this also supports the pricing of the product.

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October 2021

We are expanding!

More room for creativity

We now operate Europe's largest content production area with 6,500 sqm. Started in 2005 with 200 sqm, we have produced over 20 million pictures for over 50 brands and retailers to date. We have now met the growing demand with this expansion. In addition to photo studios, this also includes film studios and a CGl area. Interested? Come and visit us!

September 2021

Mletzko – Website Relaunch

State of the art - that is our claim.
The latest example: the website of our customer Mletzko. Mletzko stands for the love for the Porsche 964, which is shown in a conversion in a unique depth of detail.

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July 2021

Thank you adidas!

For the trust you have placed in us and the continuation of our 9-year cooperation!

July 2021

Thank you Henry Schein!

For the trust you have placed in us and the continuation of our 3-year cooperation!

July 2021

4 wins

Four of our projects have been awarded the German Brand Award 2021 - a great confirmation of our performance. We primarily owe our success course to our team and our claim to design, creativity and our innovative approach. All we combine about communication solutions that are individually tailored to each customer.

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June 2021

Welcome Henkel!

We warmly welcome our new customer Henkel
and look forward to working with them.

June 2021

Wiethe among the best internet agencies in Germany

In this year's internet agency ranking, we have again secured one of the top places - with double-digit growth despite the pandemic year 2020. This shows that, as a full-service agency for digital content, we recognize the demands of the times and our customers through top performance and creative thinking be able to offer future-oriented solutions.

In the overall ranking, we came in 29th and thus did 5 places better than in the previous year (34th place). In the e-commerce sub-ranking, we are among the top 20 in 17th place.

The internet agency ranking is carried out annually by High Text iBusiness, the Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft (bvdw) and the specialist magazines W&V and Horizont. It lists the agencies with the highest turnover in the Internet market nationwide.

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May 2021


In 2020, Wiethe Content climbed to 15th place among Germany's owner-managed agencies. The growth of Wiethe Content, based in Bremen and Georgsmarienhütte, has continued since the pandemic in 2020.

We were able to increase our sales to 15.4 million and the first quarter of 2021 also started very well with a sales increase of 35%.

For more than 15 years we have specialized as a service provider in the area of content creation & production and benefit from the accelerated change from stationary retail to e-commerce.

Even if, of course, greatly reduced for everyone due to the stress of the pandemic, we are still very happy about this development and would like to thank our customers for it and our employees.

April 2021

HelpAge e.V. –
Invitation & website

For many years we have been supporting the HelpAge organization. This also includes a charity dinner organized by Osnabrück entrepreneurs and HelpAge ambassadors Karsten Wulf and Gunnar Sander. In 2020 it could not take place in the usual form due to the corona pandemic, but a creative solution was found for 2021: an online dinner. For this purpose, we designed invitations and a website in advance.

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March 2021

Deichmann – Black and White

For our customer Deichmann, in addition to the regular production of shop images, we also create content for Deichmann's cross-channel digital communication. With creative solutions in the studio and on location, we stage individual campaigns on a topic-specific basis. With our first theme, Black and White, we put the shoes for men, women and kids in the limelight - both on the model and on the style.

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March 2021

Dermagreen/Aphira: Branding, packaging and web design

Enjoy the silence: The new CBD care products and oils from Dermagreen GmbH in cooperation with Aphira pamper the skin and bring it calm and relaxation with the natural remedy cannabidiol (CBD). We developed the branding, the market entry strategy, the product and packaging design, the product photography, the preliminary microsite, the BtoC brochure and the BtoB mailing to distribution partners for the product line: slnc.
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January 2021

Keep Smiling! – Fundraising Activity

Together with our employees we collected various toys, cloths, books and a lot more for children. All together with and additional financial donation we were able to handover to the Osnabrücker Kindertafel and the deutschen Kinderbund in Bremen, in order to contribute to a merry Christmas for many families.
Do you want to support the project as well?
Contact us at:

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December 2020

adidas – Holiday Pack

Elevated Content is becoming more and more important in the branch of E-Com. Simple photography infront of white background ist not sufficient anymore for most of the products in order to create brand awareness and sale inspiration.

For adidas we highlighted a couple of products "campaign-like" to achieve special attention on these products.

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December 2020

In is the new out


For the foreseeable future, on-location photo shoots will be very limited or completely impossible. So, how can you produce equally comparable marketing campaign photos? Our 4,500 sqm. studio, sometimes with a little more or a little less set building, provides the environment to realise highly emotional shoots.

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October 2020

STYLEBOP Model and product photography

We wish our customer STYLEBOP a lot of success!

For the launch of STYLEBOP, an online-shop for luxury brands, we perfectly set the scene for their collection and it-pieces - with models, busts and as still.

Find out more here.

September 2020

Indoor campaigning for Deichmann

We brought summer into the studio for Deichmann. The task: set construction, styling and shooting with Mexico and Cape Town as the themes – without being able to shoot on site. Using studio objects, subtle understatement and creativity, we succeeded in transporting the summery outdoor atmosphere without feigning a false reality, enabling the star of the campaign – the Deichmann summer collection – to come into its own.

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July 2020

Awarded work

Each of our awards is unique - just as our communication solutions.

We are happy that the jury of the German Brand Award 2020 has granted our work for the launch campaign for the new Mletzko Porsche and our own career portal.

Discover more.

July 2020

We are Top-Innovator 2020!

We are very glad to be ranked as one of the most innovative companies. We see this award as confirmation and spur to further develop our innovative services and solutions.

Get to know more about our projects.

See our full award video.

Press release.

June 2020

Welcome Deichmann!

We are pleased to work with our new customer Deichmann
and develop new product photography and content production.

June 2020


Zoogos is a fundraising campaign to support the Zoo Osnabrück during times of Corona, initiated by Dirk Lührmann and Markus Wiethe together with the artist René Turrek. The campaign was captured in a short movie. Additionally, an emotional as well as informative website was developed.

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May 2020

We are top, Top 22!

According to the newest agency ranking we are number 22 of the fifty biggest owner-managed agencies in Germany and second biggest in Lower-Saxony.

We say thank you to our clients and employees!

April 2020

How are you?

Never before was this question meant so seriously.
We hope it remains that way.
We hope you are well!

April 2020

Stay Home

With this campaign you not only support the risk group during the fight against Corona, but now you also support the artists from our cooperation partner ArtVergnügen with every sold artwork.

Find out more on our artists portal.

April 2020

Big is Beautiful

XXL fashion for every occasion: Whether casual look, evening wear, underwear or sportswear - for Tom Tailor, Sheego and Adidas we stage the plus size models. Hiding and concealing was yesterday, today curves are emphasized.

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March 2020

G-Star Product videos

Only in moving pictures you can see fashion from its elated side. We have staged our models wearing the new it-pieces of the season in an emotional and exciting way. This way we arouse the desire of our customers.

See more here.

March 2020

A real eye-catcher

Of course we mean the Porsche Heartbeat of our customer Mletzko. But nevertheless the new flyer is worth showing. ;-)

More impressions can be found here.

March 2020

adidas & Miele!

We are pleased that two of our customers
are among the Top 10 Brands 2020 !

February 2020

Deichmann Seasonal Classics

Model & Composing Shoot
From Graduation to Yellow and Neon to Business and Best of Basic:
more than 100 products were showcased appealingly.

» Click here to see all motives!

February 2020

adidas DFB home jersay

ONE OF 14.000
It's only one of 14.000 articles, which we staged for adidas but therefore a very special one!
The Germany home jersay for the UEFA EURO2020!

January 2020

Mletzko Heartbeat

Website, studio photography, film editing

The Mletzko Heartbeat encompasses 700 rebuilt parts, 33,000 hours of development, and a great deal of passion.

We have transformed the project into an emotional campaign for our customer with the same degree of passion: we developed the website for the Mletzko Heartbeat Porsche, shot the car in the studio, and produced a film on how the Porsche is created.

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January 2020

Happy Old Year!

Thank you for a great year 2019!

6 New customer
25% Revenue growth
130 Projects
17 Awards

Looking forward to 2020.

December 2019

Deichmann –
On Location Shooting


Berlin is always worth a trip. Especially when we produce content for our customer Deichmann.

183 high quality motives in one day!
See more here.

December 2019

Wishes come true

For us many wishes have been fulfilled this year and we were able to experience one of the most successful business years in the company's history.

Unfortunately many people are not doing well and now are those days when it is getting physically and emotionally "colder".

Our employees therefore ransacked their wardrobes and collected over 200 coats, jackets, hats and shoes, which we were able to donate to various homeless shelters in our region.

We wish everyone a warm and peaceful Christmas time!

December 2019

Kaffee Partner –
On Location Shooting


3,000 motifs in 2 days!

Modern content production has to generate a significantly higher-quality output than classic photography. For this reason, we shot the image photos and stills for our customer on location.

Our 8-headed team, consisting of photographer, cameraman, styling and H&M artist, as well as art direction and project management, has filmed more than 300 motifs for our customer Kaffee Partner on two days in two locations.

Look at the result here.

December 2019

Welcome Kidiliz!

We are looking forward to work with our new customer Kidiliz.

November 2019

9x excellent
Employer Branding!

The 9 awards we have won for our designed employer brandings do speak for themselves!

Take advantage of the power of moving images to increase the efficiency in your employee search.

Check out the sites

November 2019

Bags – The accessory for her and him

Today bags are the favourite accessory of women and always more and more men, too. Even more important is to put them scene.

We do this with passion every day for our customers - as casual, still or on the model.

November 2019

Annual Media Award 2020

We do excellent EMPLOYER BRANDING!
2x silver in the category "website" at the Annual Media Award 2020.

Check out the sites

November 2019

Shortlist HR Excellence Award

Our career site is one of the top riders!

Check out the site

October 2019


Underwear photographed by Wiethe.

October 2019

Thank you Bonita!

We look forward to renewing our 10-year collaboration and say thank you for your trust.

October 2019

Fun on set

Our kids models had a lot of fun on
set with the new collection by Steiff.

August 2019

Ok, we admit that …

... we needed a fews tries until we got the perfect movies.

You want to know what went wrong?


July 2019

How to find good employers?

Everyone wonders this right now! We have "excellent" answers. First with the career page of our customer Kaffee Partner which won the golden German Brand Award and now with our own employer branding portal.


July 2019

Matter of opinion.

Good product photos replace the seller on the area. Therefore the photos need to inspire and inform.

The more diverse the views and the better the quality, the lower the return rate!

Here you can see how it's done correctly.

June 2019

Thank you Miele …

... for the extension of our collaboration existing since 6 years.

June 2019


Not just new pictures.
A whole new style!

These laydowns have even more depth
and look stunning - without a model.

Mobile: +49 172 574 6558

June 2019

Thank you Esprit!

Thank you Epsrit for the second extension of our cooperation and the trust that goes with it!

June 2019

Gold for Employer Branding!

This's how modern Employer Branding looks like »
Also the German Brand Award is of the same opinion and distinguishes us with gold: » To the winners

June 2019

Welcome Atelier Goldner Schnitt

We're looking forward to work with our new customer Atelier Goldner Schnitt.

May 2019

Well-rounded thing

Moving pictures also move the conversion upwards.

That's why we have a solution that can simultaneously display low cost and 360 degree movies plus front view as a photo in one.

See for yourself »

Interested? Please contact:

Janin Blaser
Mobil: +49 172 574 6558

or Janna Pree
Mobil: +49 172 442 7975

May 2019

Precision up to the top

Abrams stands for premium steel, but also for art and perfection. Since 2006 we produce the art calendars for our client. This 7th edition deals with the topic "Precision up to the top".

Have a look at the Making-Of right here.

May 2019

Time is money

How fast do your articles go live?

Every day, you go live faster with an article, is money. With us you receive your finished product pictures within 2-5 days depending on whether it's a bust or a model picture.

And that in highest quality.

May 2019

You go to move it!

We just shot our 12,000th video in only 18 months.

A clear indication that moving images continue to
gain importance in eCommerce.

But not only that!

Moving products also sell better by up to 25%
and the return is proven to be lower!

And that's how it looks like:

> watch the videos

May 2019

Thank you G-Star

For two more years of cooperation and trust in the partnership!

May 2019

Round #2 for KP Inside

We also conceived and produced the second edition of the employee magazine for our customer Kaffee Partner.

April 2019

Happy Easter!

April 2019

Welcome Reebok!

We're looking forward to work with our new customer Reebok.

April 2019

MediQuick Product Catalog

Print enjoys a great popularity and sometimes generates higher response rates than e-mailing.

We are pleased to have created the new catalog for our customer MediQuick with 13,000 articles from 170 manufacturers on 500 pages to have designed and produced.

You also want to make successful print mailings?

Good thing we can still print!

April 2019


You are looking for software to control your photo studio and content productions? You’ve found it!

With wietrack we reveal our best kept secret and offer prospective customers our software as an SAAS solution.

For features, conditions, customizing and prices get in contact with:
Christian Cromme
T +49 5401 3651 - 100 | |

March 2019

This is what excellent employer branding looks like today!

Those who want to win the fight for good employees need an excellent employer branding!

Like we did for Kaffee Partner. A brand new careers site with emotional movies putting the company and employees in the right light.

Look for yourself here.

March 2019

3 more years of cooperation!

Thank you HUGO BOSS for the trust! We're looking
forward to the continuation of our collaboration.

March 2019

Welcome Sanesse!

We welcome our new customer SANESSE AG
and are looking forward to our collaboration.

January 2019

Welcome Weinkontor Freund!

We are looking forward to the collaboration with our new customer Weinkontor Freund.

January 2019


Thank you to NOZ for the good reporting about the win of the German Design Award 2019.

Read the article here.

January 2019


Wiethe wins the German Design Award Special for the cross-media campagne RÖSLE meets Sansibar. We are pleased with the choice and the laudatory review of the jury.

January 2019

Happy New Year!

We wish you a successful and healthy 2019!

January 2019

Wiethe donates

Wiethe wishes a warm Christmas and donates 200 jackets, coats and hats to homeless shelters in Osnabrück.

November 2018

Wiethe Christmas bakery

Wiethe baked 10.000 cookies for 50 customers.

November 2018

Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss expands the film production with Wiethe.

November 2018

Thank you Henry Schein

Thank you HENRY SCHEIN for the prolongation of our collaboration until the end of 2020!

November 2018

Welcome Mavi

We are looking forward to the collaboration with our new customer Mavi.

October 2018

Thank you!

We say thank you ESPRIT for the trust and the prolongation of our collaboration.

October 2018

Wiethe Group educated first E-Commerce Manager

Since more than 15 years we belong to the leading e-commerce and content agencys in the country. After waiting a long time we finally can share our know how in this department as an education.

Welcome and much success, Leon!

October 2018

Top Education

Wiethe presents the regional winner in department of photography.

October 2018

RÖSLE at spoga+gafa 2018

We are proud to advise and accompany the traditional business RÖSLE. The concept "Urban Outdoor" provided the perfect appearance at this years garden fair spoga+gafa in Cologne.

September 2018

Welcome Delicatelove

Welcome Delicatelove - We are pleased to work with our new customer Delicatelove from Düsseldorf.

September 2018

New customer Kaffee Partner

Welcome Kaffee Partner - We are pleased to work with our new customer Kaffee Partner from Osnabrück. Kaffee Partner brings coffee delight to Europe's companies with its automatic coffee machines.

September 2018

We are happy to help!

For the charity event to the benefit of HelpAge, we designed and implemented the invitation cards.

Zwei.7 partner Karsten Wulf and HelpAge initiator Gunnar Sander are both committed to the HelpAge project and are naturally also happy about donations beyond the charity event.

Donations are welcome under the link gerne entgegengenommen.

August 2018

New customer Monolith

Welcome Monolith – the "Einstein" among the barbecue grills, also for smoking, baking, boiling, cooking and drying!

July 2018

New customer Henry Schein

Welcome Henry Schein - one of the world's leading suppliers of medical products and services with more than 21.000 employees. Henry Schein offers countless quality products for dental, veterinary and medical practices and generated 12.5 billion dollars in sales last year.

July 2018

New client sheego

In great shape
Welcome to Wiethe – we are happy to have the fashion brand sheego among our new clients and look forward to a successful cooperation!

June 2018

German Brand Award Winner

And the Winner is ...
We are proud of even two awards at the German Brand Award: We received the winner certificates for our extraordinary mailing "One of 15 Million" and for the excellent brand management of the Wiethe Group as a company.

June 2018

New customers: Look Beautiful and Stolzenberg

A beauty expert and a specialist in sweepers - we are delighted about the newcomers to our company and look forward to working together. We are motivated in every case!

March 2018

Wiethe is saddling up ehorses with onsite marketing

The largest horse market in Europe: ehorses. As of right now, we will be in charge of their onsite marketing and aiding horse experts in tapping new e-commerce possibilities. We very much look forward to a successful collaboration with them!

March 2018

Wiethe stages Naomi Campbell

We proudly present: the collection from the cooperation between Tom Tailor and Naomi Campbell. Together with the fashion expert, the supermodel created an extensive collection of key pieces for a glamorous appearance - also in everyday life. We are proud to have photographed the matching pictures.

February 2018

RÖSLE attends Ambiente 

Kitchenware specialist RÖSLE presented its new collection at the “Ambiente” trade fair from 9-13 February. We had the honour of assisting the company in all of its communications.

February 2018

Newly on board: Steiff relies on Wiethe’s brand of product photography

We are very pleased to announce this working partnership and extend our thanks for the trust that has been placed in us! Here’s to a successful collaboration!

January 2018

Find out more here

Magalog for RÖSLE by Wiethe

We are pleased to have conceived, designed and produced another B2B catalogue for our customer RÖSLE. The new products appear in a clean layout and on high-quality paper. The final result is impressive and was completed especially for RÖSLE's trade fair appearance at Ambiente. Thank you for the trust!

January 2018

Happy New Year

We welcome in the year 2018 and look forward to further exciting and challenging projects throughout this new year.

January 2018

Sweet Christmas!

We wish all our customers, business partners, employees and friends a sweet Christmas filled with many enjoyable moments and also good health and a successful 2018!

December 2017

One of 15 mio

15 MILLIONEN PICTURES IN 12 YEARS Twelve years, one passion: shooting the ultimate photo. In the end, every photo that we shoot is a top money maker and ambassador of the brand which millions of end consumers get to see. Over the past twelve years, we have shot some 15 million photos. A number that […]

November 2017

Find out more here

Taste the Sansibar feeling

The cooperation partnership between Sansibar, RÖSLE and Wiethe is entering its second phase: a new film, new photos, new catalogue

October 2017

Find out more here

Wiethe relaunches its new homepage

Keep on moving! Our website has a revamped design – clear, well-structured and modern. Striking, full-format images, current product photoshoots and promotional videos are all incorporated, as are informative texts on our services and offerings. The perfect representation of the work we do. Click and see for yourself – there’s no time like the present!

September 2017

Esprit opts for Wiethe

Wiethe not only takes beautiful pictures, but also edits them so that they satisfy the increasing demands of the market. We’re all the more proud that we were able to prevail against all competitors in a pitch lasting several months, and from now on Esprit will have its photos retouched by Wiethe Content.

August 2017

Hugo Boss prolongs collaboration until the end of 2019

The collaboration in the content sector between Hugo Boss and Wiethe – already ongoing since 2014 – is confirmed after a pitch and will be prolonged until 2019.
We’d like to say thanks for the renewed confidence expressed.

July 2017